Live voice-based Exit Interviews – 10 Pack ($49.50 / Each)


Includes ExitPro Basic 90 days free.

When you want to provide the most personalized experience and obtain the fullest insight from separating employees, choose Voice-based Exit Interviews. Often over the phone, these exit interviews are most appropriate when organizations want to know the complete picture. Voice-based exit interviews are used with staff, managers and directors to capture the complex impact of employee departures. Some firms apply voice-based exit interviews for all staff when they want to make a statement that “Our people are important here”.

Voice-Based Exit Interviews are the best choice if:
– Separating employees do not have easy access to the internet
– Not every employee has a reliable email address on file
– You want to capture as much commentary as possible
– The highest possible completion rate is desired
– Employees might be hesitant to provide feedback



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