Employee Turnover Trends: Industry Comparison Report (10 Years)


With record low unemployment rates, and abundant opportunity, employees went from “job hopping” to “job shopping.” Like window shopping, except employee turnover cost the U.S. economy nearly 3 trillion dollars last year. How much did your company spend to rehire, retrain, and replace each employee?
This report contains the average monthly and annual Voluntary employee turnover rates across 14 major U.S. industries over the past 10 years. Compare your organization’s turnover rate with its industry average. See if your employees quit at a higher, similar, or lower rate than your competitors in:

• Arts & Entertainment
• Construction
• Education
• Finance & Insurance
• Government
• Healthcare
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Manufacturing Durable Goods
• Manufacturing Non-Durable Goods
• Mining & Logging
• Professional Services
• Real Estate
• Retail
• Transportation

Do you want to know if your company’s turnover ratio is higher than the industry average? Get the 10 year turnover rate report to see where to retain your star performers/high potentials right now.
If your company has “job shoppers”, show your business leaders that something needs to be done. Retention does not get better on its own.
If your staff turnover rate is lower than industry average, now you have something to show how well your team is doing. (Format = PDF 28 Slides)



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