Turnover Unveiled – Global Metadata Analysis Report 2019


The annual Employee Turnover Unveiled report by Retensa. The most comprehensive HR Big Data analysis report that provides the latest insights on turnover and separation trends. Includes the never-before-seen finding (in 19 years of tracking) that turned Organizational Science upside down this year.

Extracting 834,627 data points gathered from Exit Interviews across 18 industries, you get insights and answers the following questions (and more):

  • Why are employees leaving this year?
  • How do Millennials see employment differently?
  • What can we do today to prevent employee turnover?
  • What is distinct among high performers versus average?
  • How are women’s work experience different than men’s?

 You will see the Top 5 attractors and detractors and explore relevant topics impacting Millennials, Gender and High Performers. It took 380 exhaustive hours of data mining every correlation to unearth themes on Work-Life Balance, Compensation, and Manager perceptions. Compare you organization with the industry benchmarks and gain valuable insights. This exclusive report includes an extensive appendix which provides detailed charts and graphs of overall turnover themes, generation comparisons, tenure group comparisons, gender comparisons and performance comparisons. Download the latest Employee Turnover Unveiled report and start benchmarking now.

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